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Audience Drill1

Audience Drill1

Selling products on FB comes down to one thing: Your Targeting!

If your ad targeting is not on point, you are going to blow through a lot of money, and
end up frustrated.

A simple way to avoid this is by using the Audience Insights tool. But as many of you
know, this tool is cumbersome, and can end up taking you hours to create the perfect FB

But what if there was a better, faster way…

Watch the video here:

Whether you are looking to build a profitable Amazon affiliate business, or arbitrage physical goods, you need this tool.

There is nothing else on the market that will allow you to drill down and find highly profitable audiences on Facebook in minutes.

We have limited licenses of this tool available.
So make sure you watch the video above today.

Audience Drill helps you search for real interests and demographics of real people
to ensure your Ads actually get seen by those who are most engaged and want to buy from you
The new Facebook Graph Search has made it much easier for the regular Joe to find
audiences with very specific interests, but are your Facebook Ads still taking all your
budget, and not producing results?
Audience Drill actually goes deep into Facebook’s social network, and finds what
real people are talking about, their demographics, and most importantly their
interests so you can stop making shot-in-the -dark Ads, and be sure that every cent you
spend on Facebook Ads is going into your actual target market seeing them – not bots,
who populate their profile with basic interests.

The key to success with Facebook advertising is a good offer and targeting the right audience.

The problem is it’s often quite difficult to find ‘whats working’ or the audience you should be targeting to make the most money.

We found a way that you can now not only search for what your competition is posting about over Facebook but also a new way of finding the right audiences to target for your

Here’s what you can expect from the Audience Drill Software: 

– A simple and easy to use web interface that works on Mac and PC

– A new ‘spy’ search feature that allows you to view posts from your competition

– A new way of using the Graph Search to target Pages, Favourite interests,
Groups and Places

– A new way of digging down into audience targeting allowing you to save up to
45 minutes researching your target interests over Facebook

– Fully 100% Facebook compliant

– And much much more…

This is an easy to use software that’s going to help you to gain an unfair advantage
over your Facebook competition for your own offers and the offers you run
for your clients.

This software will finally let you get your Facebook Ads to only show up for users
who are most likely to engage with your Ad, and turn into real customers!

You can finally get MORE Facebook users to sign up to your newsletters, or even purchase
your TeeSpring Campaigns, Amazon promotions, Facebook offers

This time i have tiered and timed bonuses.

For people who purchase in the early bird and for people who purchase the Basic version and for those who purchase the pro version you get extra bonuses and all details on bonuses can.


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