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Push Developer App

Push Developer App

Do your pages that they PAY to drive EACH AND EVERY VISITOR to don’t even have enough information that a potential customer needs.

If you’re doing local marketing, you probably realized that.

Or just do some local keyword searches (business type + city) and you will see.

This happens with display ads too.

I’ve contacted several businesses and asked why they didn’t use landing page or at least, a better-looking website.

Many Business owner’s don’t understand that using a poorly-designed page in a PPC campaign is a WASTE of money

Competing with others is getting harder and harder nowadays, and when they pay more to win a visitor to their ‘online front desk’, they’re out of money to take care of the prospect.

That’s sad, but when someone needs a local service and comes to a website that is lack of information, they will leave instantly.

And as a result, the whole PPC campaign is just like throwing money out of window.

You know, a landing page is not something new these days. It’s an ‘ancient’ thing in marketing world. But not everyone knows how to do it the right way, even after the release of many landing page software.

What If You (Yes, YOU) Can Give Local Businesses An Affordable Solution To Double Their Conversion?

You can instantly see a great income, but I even see a bigger opportunity ahead.

Double conversion means DOUBLE LEADS and SALES with THE SAME money spent.

If you provide that to local businesses, you will have a great chance to offer other marketing services.

From my years of experience working to optimize user experience and conversion on websites, I’ve developed a landing page layout that is clean, simple but POWERFUL. It’s proven to convert a confused visitor to a paying customer.

Remember the business owners who told me they use poorly-designed pages because landing pages and websites are expensive?

I sold landing pages for 3 out of 5 in the SAME DAY. One $97 and two $197 (different price depends on the business type)

But how’s that relevant to you?

From one landing page layout, I’ve designed 10 landing page templates for 10 types of local businesses.

I’ve also written the ‘sales copy’ to match each business and find free-to-use images (can save you a hundred of dollar each page)

These landing pages are:

  • Designed to convert
  • Easy to edit
  • Ready to use after adding information
  • Super-fast to load
  • Mobile-friendly

It’s my pleasure to introduce you to…






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