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Twitter Marketing Social Media Optimistation Package

Twitter Marketing Social Media Optimistation Package

Twitter used effectively is an extremely Powerful Tool.

It has the potential to drive thousands of hungry customers to your front door.

Twitter, with more than 500 million active users, generates over 340 million tweets daily and handles more than 1.6 billion search queries per day.  More than 50% of active Twitter users follow companies, brands or products on social networks. More than 57% of all companies that use social media for business use Twitter.

Download a Free copy of our Twitter Social Media Optimisation Package. pdf below:  “How to engage with your customers and influence their buying behaviour, buying decision and promote customer loyalty and catch up with them where they are talking right now!”



Twitter users are more likely to recommend brands they follow and they are more likely to buy from brands they follow.

Twitter is capable of doing a lot for online business owners whether they’re on a small or large scale. Some of the things that can be achieved through proper Twitter marketing includes but not limited to:

[li]Introduction of new products[/li] [li]Communicating with existing clients[/li] [li]Pursing and adding new clients[/li][li]Promoting existing products.[/li][li]Building the company brand[/li][li]Developing and improving products[/li][li]Finding out what competitors are up to.[/li]



by courtesy of DailyDealMedia


Key Benefits of Twitter Marketing Social Media Optimisation 

  • Grow and capture your audience in this fast growing and unique network
  • Promote awareness
  • User engagement
  • Customer loyalty and intimacy

We setup your Twitter profile, customise background design, populate your profile, write content for branding, optimise important elements, get followers, and tweet regularly.

We implement social interaction widgets to your website so that their audience can easily follow and engage them.

We also install social media analytics to track, monitor and measure web traffic driven by twitter marketing.


Click below to see exactly what is included in the Twitter Marketing Social media Optimisation Packages


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